Want To Work From Home And Start Your Own Online Business?

Hi! I posted here on my blog few weeks ago that I have an online business venture which is by the way far beyond amazing. Before I stumbled upon this global online business, I was asking myself if I am planning to do what I am currently doing for the rest of my career and my answer is no. I told my self, the goal is to retire early. I want to enjoy life and spend more time with family. Continue reading “Want To Work From Home And Start Your Own Online Business?”


Learn How To Make Big Money Online

Few weeks ago, I came across this facebook ad. I was hesitant and skeptical at first to click the it but I am thankful that I did. This opportunity is like no other and the system in this business really works Continue reading “Learn How To Make Big Money Online”

Microwave Bottle Sterilizer

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Our Avent sterilizer4 in 1 steam bottle sterilizer stopped working. It was gifted to us for my first son and it was perfectly working until 3 days ago. So I was on the hunt of buying another electric or microwave sterilizer. Continue reading “Microwave Bottle Sterilizer”