Warm, clean and crystal clear water. Who would not love that?

We went to El Nido, Palawan about 5 years ago. It was my first ever out of town trip to be honest. Going there takes about almost half of your day. You have to take the plane plus the long 6 hours land travel.

There are expensive accommodations but you can also find cheap and affordable ones. We stayed at Coral Bay Resort. Our cottage was beachfront plus free breakfast on a reasonable price. Our day one was just really travel and rest. Day 2 & 3, we did our private island hopping tour. I would suggest a private tour if you have a budget, this gives you time to enjoy each island without worrying about anybody else. We did Tour A on our second day and Tour C.

Tour A: Small lagoon, big lagoon, secret lagoon, simizu island, commando beach.

Simizu Island

We did go to snake island and cadugnon cave. Although it was not included in out itinerary, our 2 boat men were so nice that they included those 2 in our trip. We paid them extra of course. My favorite spot was the Simizu island, best snorkeling spot. We had our lunch prepared by our boat me on a small island and we were the only ones who were there.

Snake Island

Tour C: Helicopter island, secret beach, matinloc shrine, star beach and hidden beach.

I got sea sick on this tour but still enjoyed it. This tour is more expensive than tour A because the islands are farther. If you have the budget, try this tour as well. It’s worth it.

Underwater entrance to Secret beach
Sunset in El Nido

If you’re planning to go to El NIdo, it’s better to stay there at least 4 days so you would enjoy it better. It is not the same as Boracay, the night in El Nido is quiet. There is no night life and fancy restaurants compared to Boracay so don’t expect too much on that aspect. Activities here are mostly snorkeling and scuba diving. They also have land tours but we did not try it. El NIdo is close to Coron, it is 3 1/2 hours away via ferry.

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