We came back here in the US two weeks ago but oh my goodness, we were jet-lagged for almost a week! So the time difference from Manila to US is +16 hours. We didn’t have a hard time adjusting our hours when we went to the Philippines. It hit us real bad when we came back here. Then we have the spring forward. We arrived March 9 (Friday) then we have to go back to work March 12 (Monday). Then I was off for 3 days, thank goodness!

My son’s usual routine is he’ll wake up at 8am, takes a nap around 2pm for about 2 hours then sleep at 10pm. When we came back, everything is off. He would take his nap at 8pm and he would wake up around 11pm then from that time until 3am he was wide awake. He would wake up at 1pm. I came back to work Thursday and Friday and I only had about 6 hours of sleep in 48 hours! I survived at work and that was one difficult week. By Sunday, my son was back on his usual sleeping routine.

Jet-lag is real. Next time, we really have to have few days off before coming back to work.


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