This is part of our recent trip to the Philippines. I have never been to Boracay but my husband does. We planned to bring our son to our trip but after the Vigan and Pagudpud trip, he got sick. He had cough and colds. Then the morning of our flight, he was already ready to ride the car and he vomited. So we decided to let him stay with his grandparents. He loves water so much and I know he would’ve enjoyed it but his health should always comes first.

We flew via Cebu Pacific. Before landing, a flight attendant said that they are in partnership with Southwest Tours Boracay. We decided to purchase a ticket so we don’t have to worry about our transportation going to Boracay. I think we paid Php 400.0 each. That was a good decision because they already taken care of the fees you have to pay at the port to Boracay island up to your hotel. They have their own bus, boat and vans.

We arrived at The Boracay Beach Resort (Station 1) around 11 am and they allowed us to check in (their check in time is 2pm). Had to pay Php 2,000.00 safety deposit which they will also return when you check out. The room was okay, nothing fancy. The hotel is a 2 minute walk to the beach. We ate lunch and then took a dip on the beach.


On our second day, we did not do any tours or activity. We basically went here to chill and relax since we already had our island hopping activity in Coron a week ago. Just hang out on the beach, eat and nap. We went to Jonahs for their famous fruit shakes. The beach was crowded. Felt like we were the foreigners in our own island as there were so many Korean. We ate at Gerry’s Grill for lunch and at that time we were the only Filipinos there. Also, you could not take a photo of the sunset itself, just too many tourists on the background. On our last night I had my whole body massage for only Php 350.00. Felt good and I should have done the foot massage too.


Our flight the next day is really early and we have to leave the hotel at 3 am. We arrived our transportation through Southwest Tours. They picked us up 30 minutes late of the scheduled pick up time but we still arrived at the airport on time. Flying back early has its pros and cons. Pros, hassle free, the airport was not crowded and we were only 8 passengers on the plan. Cons, you have to wake up really early.

Would’ve love to come back here with the whole family. The more merrier when you travel. Have to save up more for the next trip so everyone could come.


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