This time I’ll share with you our Coron trip. This was my second time on the island, my husband’s third time and my dad’s first time. The last time we went here was back in 2013 and a lot have changed already. Definitely a lot more tourists than before.

It takes about 45 minutes from airport to town proper. We arrived at Darayonan Lodge which is located near the market at around 3pm. After checking in we had our late lunch at Lolo Nonoy’s food station. The food were okay but a little bit pricey for me especially the servings are small and the service were a little slow but nice staffs though. We decided to go to Maquinit Hot Springs around 6pm. We rented a tricycle for an hour for Php 400.00 round trip (I thought that was too much). Entrance to the hot springs is Php 150.00 each. When we entered, it was packed with tourists. Last time we were here there were probably 5 tricycles outside. But this time, there were tricycles and lots of vans, parking was full. The hot spring really felt good though. It took me few minutes before I really soaked my whole body because it was really hot, it was not lukewarm.


Our second day was for island hopping. We did the private tour and it was a little bit pricey compared on joining the group tour. The package tour also includes kayak, snorkel and buffet lunch. We had a tour guide and 2 boat men who owns the boat. They were very nice and polite. We chose the Coron island ultimate tour: Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoons, Siete Pecados Marine Park, Skeleton Wreck, CYC Beach. I forgot the other two islands included in our tour. Our tour started at 9am and ended before 5pm.

Third day was for workout. We went up to Mt. Tapyas viewing deck. It has 723 steps. Since our hotel was close, we just walked there at 5:45am. For my dad and my husband, going upstairs was nothing. But for me, it was really hard. I admit I am really out of shape so I really had a hard time going up those stairs. But seeing the sunrise though was beautiful.


It is nice to see this place grow. The locals were very nice, polite and accommodating. It’s becoming more popular to tourists now. The island deserves the attention it is getting right now.

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