Are you, your husband or your friends have too many watches and just don’t know how to organize it properly?

That was my dilemma 2 years ago. Before my husband and I got married, he already have several watches and now he is adding a few to his collection. They were just sitting on the drawer, others were still in the box. I needed to figure out how to best organize his watches and at the same time to save space in our drawers. I needed something that could protect the watches from scratches or whatsoever.

So for his birthday, my goal was to find something useful and something that he would like. I was googling watch organizer and google has the best answers ever. Lol I found one which has free personalization that costs around $100 for two. I was kind of hesitant to buy it because it was a little bit expensive but I figured, he would love this. I ordered it online and came 4 days after.  So when I gave it to him, he was of course thankful. He told me he was already looking for one but the one I got for him was better compared on those he saw.

So guys, I recommend this as a gift to your special someone or to family or friends. They would love it. I think you can find cheaper watch organizers at amazon or etsy.

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