Who does not like ramen? I mean, they are perfect for the cold, rainy weather. It’s a comfort food for us. Last December, my husband said he would like to try out a ramen place which has pretty good reviews on yelp. It was winter then and ramen just sounded so good and I was not really in the mood to cook.

So we get dressed and went to Marukin Ramen in SE Ankeny. The place was really full with people because it’s not only a ramen place, the place also has stalls for ice cream, korean food, burgers, pizza. It looks like a small version of a food court in a mall. The line for the ramen was not that bad and the wait for food was about probably 10-15 minutes.

Anyways, so I really did not know what to order to I just picked the one the looked delicious. So I ended up ordering “tonkotsu shoyu 豚骨醤油ラーメン ” which is a rich pork bone broth, shoyu toppings / spinach, kikurage mushrooms, bamboo shoots, leeks, green onion, chashu pork, soft boiled egg. My husband ordered the “tonkotsu red 豚骨レッドラーメン ” which is the spicy version.


OH. MY. GOD. The ramen was so good! The broth was so rich and not oily. The saltiness was perfect. And the chashu pork was so tender that it almost just melted in my mouth! Our little boy loved it too.

This is now my favorite ramen place. Every time I have ramen cravings, we always go here. We were here last Saturday and my husband already know what I want so I’ll just tell him just get me the “usual”. I haven’t tried other ramen from the menu but I bet they are also good. So check it out. If you are visiting Portland, definitely drop by here. They also have a branch at Pine St. Market. Marukin is available just in Portland and Tokyo. I highly recommend this!

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