Babies starts hearing sounds before they are born. They communicate through sounds. That is why the universal hearing screening is very important  and is usually done on every infant before they leave the hospital. It is done so they could catch any hearing problems as early as possible and so it can be treated or managed sooner. This allows for the best possible outcome for the baby.

Good hearing is important in the development of your child’s speech and language, learning, plus their social and emotional development.

The procedure only takes about 10 minutes. It is painless and usually done as the baby sleeps. The result of the test will be given to you before you leave the hospital. If your baby show some sings of hearing loss, don’t be shy to ask questions and ask what steps you need to do next. You have to work with your baby’s healthcare provider to discuss the best plan to help your baby.

Speech and language develop on the first few months, thus you have to take the hearing test seriously. Some cases, it is possible to miss a hearing problem and it will show up later. So as a parent, you have to check as well if your baby is meeting hearing, speech and language milestones. If you are worried that your baby is not meeting those milestones, tell it to your baby’s pediatrician.


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