So five years ago, my husband said we should try out this sushi place. But I was like, “I don’t like sushi. I’ve tried some before back home (Philippines) and they were not good.” Then he said to give it a try. So I said okay, they have something else besides sushi just in case I really don’t want to eat it.

We went to Bamboo Sushi in SE. The place is nice and cozy. We waited about 20-30 minutes before we got a table. We ordered green machine (vegetable and albacore), California sunset, chasing the dragon and vegetable tempura.



They were delicious! Oh my goodness. All I said to my husband was, “We need to come here yearly on my birthday… and when time and budget allows.”  I was so skeptical to come to this place and I ended up loving this sushi place. It was heaven for me. My favorite and will always be for sure on our table is Green Machine. I just love the crunch and the sweetness of the sauce. It was just perfect! I could eat 2 plates of green


When I was pregnant I still come here and order just the vegetarian sushi, my doctor said it was okay. So my sushi cravings were satisfied then and all I wanted to eat was green machine. Could not get enough of it. Chasing the dragon and California sunset were also good too. They have a kick of spiciness which my husband likes. We keep coming back to this place, now along with our toddler. He definitely love the sweet potato tempura.

I think there are two sushi on the their signature rolls menu that we haven’t tried are the miso honey and the garden of eden. We will definitely try them next time.

They have few branches all over Portland. They also now serve brunch, not sure if all locations so that now. But yes, this is a MUST place to visit. It is a little bit spendy but it is worth it.

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