I started reading non-fiction and fiction books kind of actually late. I was in third year high school when it all started and there is one person responsible for this – my favorite aunt.

thelittleprinceiknowthismuchistruehowtokillamockingbirdHer name is Lourdes and we call her “tita”. She is a CPA and definitely a bookworm too. She reads everything from Time to Reader’s Digest and to even Philosophy books. One day, I was just hanging out in her room and I saw a stockpile of books in her cabinet. Out of curiosity, I started taking them out and then my aunt said that I can read them and I should start reading. So I was like, “okay”. I started checking them out and decided to bring home two books. So I borrowed the first two books I have ever read besides school books and they were – To Kill A Mockingbird and I Know This Much Is True. I had to read the to kill a mockingbird twice because I wasn’t able to understand the story the first time. The Wally Lamb book, I cried a bucket. I was hooked! I told myself that I need to continue reading because it makes me feel good and sometimes knowledgeable as I learn knew words that I haven’t heard of.

After that I owned my first ever book – The Little Prince, my dad bought it for me. I was addicted to reading. Then I also started borrowing her Time magazines on the weekends. College life was busy but I was still able to find time reading. I read but not that often anymore. On my 18th birthday, my aunt asked me what I would like to have and I said, “a book”. So we went to the mall and find a bookstore and she let me pick. I decided to pick The Secret. And the rest is history.


Fast forward to now -> Busy at work and being a mom. To be honest I probably read less then 10 books last year. I set a goal on goodreads that I will read 50 books this year and I intend to reach that goal.Just need to find time for it.

I just love the feeling that you are in a different world when you read a book. Takes off your mind to somewhere you can never even sometimes fathom. If it wasn’t for my aunt, I would have not known if I would be the same bookworm as I am now.  Just so thankful beyond words.

How about you, who influenced you to read?


  1. One room in our house was a library so I grew up reading books because of that. It was next to my room and I loved sitting in amongst piles of books. But after that my mum took me to bookshops every second weekend and sometimes bought me three books at a time. I definitely built up a good book collection through that and I read from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep on weekends. Thanks mum!

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  2. Your Aunt Lourdes here..wow that was nice ..paying homage to me? Hehehe…reading is an open secret to a vast of knowledge and it brings you to another world really…it kinda refreshes your mind…but it has its setback..for me… I became so broad minded that I want to understand other people’s behaviour… a great equalizer….philosophy books I guess had the greatest impact on me…I have read Nietzsche, Kafka,Schopenhauer etc…great minds…they just blew me away…Now I am into Astronomy… and now I believe I can fly…hehehe …Read more and everything ..no boundaries..

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