We just recently bought a kindle fire HD 8 kids edition for our toddler and he likes it a lot. We bought it for $89 (32 GB) when it went on sale and that was a pretty good deal. We don’t want him to be too attach to the gadget so we are limiting him to 2 to 3 hours a day. He’ll cry shortly after he gives the tablet back to me but when his attention is diverted to something else then he’ll forget about the tablet.

His tablet just consists of kids app, mostly educational. I always make sure he opened the educational app first before he watch videos. My son hasn’t talked yet, he can say few words but nothing really significant compared to to other toddlers and I have 2 apps here that really helped him a lot with letters and numbers.

The five apps below are all available on app store and google play.

Here are his top 5 favorite apps:

Endless Reader – a great app for kids. My son didn’t know letter before he used this app but now, he has improved a lot. Nice app to introduce your toddler to letters, words. I bought the level one for now and it costs around $11.


Endless Numbers – he likes this as much as the endless reader. He likes the sound the number makes and he literally will giggle once he started opening the eyes of the monsters. Numbers 1 to 5 ares free. The starter pack costs $7.


Youtube Kids – this is easy to use and the contents are all suitable for kids. It has parental control as well. App is free.


Happy Kids TV – this app contains a lot of nursery rhymes, baby songs, videos for baby to preschool. He loves to watch the ABC rhymes and the cartoon cars by ploop tv. App is free.


Prime Video – my son’s favorite here is the sweet dreams by baby first, tayo the little bus and baby u. Kids movies are available as well, some you have to rent.


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