It’s Spring but for me it still feels like winter. It’s in the 50s here in the Pacific West and yes, it is raining for two days in a row. Not really a new thing here but sometimes I kind of wish temperature would go up to at least 60s. It usually rain on my days off and I usually don’t like to go anywhere when it’s cold and raining unless if I’m craving for my favorite ramen and if it’s a family matter.

Just thinking of what to do for the whole day and these things came up:

Stranger Things marathon. I just heard about stranger things through social media and I looked it up and read pretty good reviews so I decided to start watching it and they were right, I was hooked. It is so good and told my husband to watch it as well. I’ve finished the season 1 and now watching season 2.

Cook. Since I’m back to work tomorrow, need to do cook today for our lunches. Food in the cafeteria sometimes a little expensive. So better to bring our own lunch and save money.

Clean and organize. If you have a toddler at home then you’ll probably know what our living room looks like. Sometimes, I would find toys in our kitchen drawers. Toy cars under the couch and blocks in front of our tv.

Read. I have an amazon e-reader and I’m currently reading Ready Player One and the story is really good, although sometimes I get lost with the tech terms. I plan on finishing the book today. I’m down to 3 unread books and will start looking up on new best sellers.

Nap. Who doesn’t like taking nap in the afternoon when it’s cold. Just cuddle up using our fleece blankets. Our son usually takes his afternoon nap around 1300 til about 1500.

Update blog/site. Sometimes it is hard to think of what to write. But I have a few topics that I can probably start today (hopefully). If I have an idea of what to write, I save it on my phone so I won’t forget or start it and save to my drafts.

Video call my family back home. My family still lives in the Philippines and viber is the thing that connects us. Will call my mom later today after my son’s afternoon nap.



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