Leavenworth is a Bavarian-styled village in the Cascade Mountains. It has bararian/alpine-style buildings with restaurants serving German beer and food. I only saw Leavenworth on facebook and it seemed like a very nice place. So when my parents came to visit us in 2016, we decided to go there. My son was 8 month old then. It was fall when we went there so it was really chilly. The drive from Portland to Leavenworth was about 5 hours with rest stops.

We left at 7am and got there around 12pm and really cold. It took us about 20 minutes or so just to find parking. Buildings were nice and located close to each other, however small parking areas though.  Even though there was no event, there were still a lot of people. The place is kid friendly. The town is small but cute. You will see the staffs are wearing bavarian outfits. They sometimes have shows on the street and that definitely caused a lot of foot traffic.

We had our late lunch at Munchen Haus. They have casual outdoor dining and they have heaters to keep customers warm. There was quite a long line ordering food and it was okay. And we also had to wait probably another 5-10 minutes for a table. The wait was worth it. They serve variety of sausages, pretzels, beers and they have soup available too. My dad had Big City Beef Frank, me and my mom got Organic Turkey Dog and the German Potato salad, my husband had The Big “bob” Bratwurst.

They have events posted on their websites so check it out. For family who is traveling with kids, don’t worry they have McDonald’s, Starbucks there. Also,  suggest to use a baby carrier instead of a stroller just because of the foot traffic, sidewalks can be really busy.

We went back here on Christmas Lighting Festival.

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