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There are so many variety and brands of baby bottles in the market right now and it is always best to consider what kind of baby bottle you are going to use. Also, budget comes in this category as well. Some bottles may be a little expensive for some. So you have to pick the ones that is just within your budget but the quality is at its best. You have to see which ones are the best and have great benefits for your little one. Some babies are very colicky and thus needs bottles that will help prevent it. I found that Dr. Brown bottles have the advantage in regards to that.

Lucky me, my son didn’t have any colic days or spit ups. He was a happy, healthy baby. We use Dr. Brown Natural Flow bottles since day one and up to now my son’s still using it. I initially put another brand on my baby registry however, when I read that Dr. Brown bottles helps prevent feeding problems, I decided to just go with the one I know would be great for my son.


My son’s been using Dr. Brown bottles for 2 years now and I definitely agree that it really helps with the colic and spit ups. I love the vent that eliminates air bubbles in formula. Do not forget to follow the instruction on the bottle on not filling it above the 250ml line otherwise it will leak. I am happy I made the right choice. Now, we have 8 natural flow 8oz that my toddler uses.

Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set, is a prefect gift to your friends or family members who are expecting. Dr. Brown’s has won the BabyCenter Moms’ Picks award for Best Baby Bottle for 2015, 2016 and 2017. (Featured image from Dr. Brown’s website)

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