My son is 2 years old and he can only say a few words like “bye, car, shoes, nana (for banana, daddy.” Sometimes he would say daddy for days and all of a sudden he wouldn’t even say it. Most toddlers at this age can already say 2 words and know at least 50 words or so. I am aware that every kid is different with their own pace of development milestones but at the back of my mind there is someone telling me that he needs to be seen by speech therapist.

He had his initial evaluation when he was about a year a half old then they told us to come in again if we still have concerns regarding his speech. So on his 24 month well baby appointment, I told his pediatrician that my son’s speech has been the same. She referred us to speech therapy for re-evaluation, physical therapy, early childhood intervention and to pediatric development clinic. We went to see his speech therapy appointment yesterday and I knew after that consult he will be needing more speech therapy sessions. He was mostly saying the word “bye” because he wants to leave, and “cars”. They asked him to point certain picture objects and he would point the wrong one or sometimes he would point all of the picture objects. He is having a hard time understanding which is which and what he needs to do. They showed him toy cars and that entertained him really well and so his focused was basically mostly on those so it was kind of hard to tell for them if he was understanding what the they were saying and he just did not want to do it because of the cars or he was really not understanding at all.

We spent 30 minutes there and they told me that they are not judging my son of what he can and can’t do which I really appreciated. I know my son well more than they do so I told them that at home he sometimes doesn’t seem to understand what we were saying to him or what we want him to do or learn. They told me it would be beneficial for my son to have continued speech therapy. So they referred me to the speech therapy clinic close to our house and I have to call next week to set an appointment.

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