There are some days at any workplace that you feel like you just want to give up or you are losing your patience or you are just totally having a rough day that nothing seems to work right. It is when you feel like you are drained and could not function right at all. Some of us can deal this kind of situation really easy and some are not. It is how we cope up with the conundrums that we face that makes us stronger, fiercer, braver and smarter.

So here are some tips that will somehow help you to have a nice day:

  • Deep breathe. Take a moment to just relax for a second and take a deep breath. This helps for me all the time. Helps relax my muscles and helps me focus more.
  • Take a break. Don’t forget to take your breaks at work. Sometimes if we are busy especially in the kind of field I’m working, it is hard to take all the breaks. Even just drinking water is hard if I am really having a rough day. So I always tell myself to take my breaks or even just step out for 5-10 minutes and get myself together again.
  • Think positive. Everybody says that everything happens for a reason so if you are having a rough day think of it not as a struggle. Think of the positive side along the way. I always tell myself that I am at work for 12 hours and I get to go home on time to spend quality time with my son. Positive thoughts will get you through the day. Try to laugh or smile more if you can.
  • Go home on time. Going off work on time is really essential. Do not stress yourself to the things that you are not asked to worry about. I always ask for help with patient care if I really need it especially if I need to finish charting. Leave all the stressful thoughts at work and do not bring it home.

After a rough day at work, all I look forward to is seeing my son after 12 hours and of course eating a very nice meal! My son can really change my mood from tired to lively, sad to happy. So yeah, I’ve had rough days at work (like yesterday) but I have great co-workers that really helped me a lot to get through that day.

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