It is my day off after a couple of rough days at work and I am so happy that the sun finally decided to show itself for us today! It is nice and warm and almost hits 70 degrees. My husband went to work and so I decided to bring my son to the park close to our house.

It was a short walk to the playground park and there were so many kids already playing when we got there. My son would always go try the slides first. He can’t do it by himself yet, his slides is not as smooth as the other kids because he would sometimes bend his knees thus the friction from his shoes makes some stops during his slides and I’m afraid he is going to hit his head too (I know I’m being so over protective). So what we did today was I let him do the slide with me beside him so I can still guide him. He loved it. He probably felt some sort of independence.

There is also a place for kids who wants to play sand and water but since my son had been recently sick, I didn’t allow him to play in that area. He didn’t like the swing, I think he was kind of afraid.He loves running around and just going up and down to slides.

I let him play for an hour. He was getting sleepy and it was his time for his afternoon nap so we left the park and he cried just a little bit. It is really a nice day outside. Nice to be out and got some vitamin D. I think it’ll still be warm until Tuesday so we will definitely spend my weekend off outside.–wV5bVP00/?taken-by=annccab–wV5bVP00/?taken-by=annccab

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