From Leavenworth, we decided to stay overnight in Seattle so my husband who was driving could get some rest before heading back to Portland plus we wanted to bring my parents to some tourist spots in Seattle. We stayed at Hilton Garden Inn at downtown. The next day we decided to bring them first to Pike Place Market. The parking spaces are not too spacious and a little bit pricey. Anyway, even on a weekday the place was crowded. We watched the famous fish vendors throw and catch fish. Just a short walk inside the market then we found the stall for flowers – they are beautiful! My parents were also able to check out the first Starbucks store.

After that we decided to eat first before going to Space Needle. Since it was chilly, we decided to check out Pike Place Chowder. It’s just a short walk from the market. There was a long line and it took us about 20 minutes until it was our turn to order. The place is okay, hard to find a vacant table though. The long wait was worth it. Their chowders were really tasty and delicious!

After our lunch, we headed to Space Needle. My mom didn’t want to go with us so she stayed at the lobby. Ticket price was $29 for ages 13-64. This was my second time here and I still enjoyed it. I wanted my parents to see Chihuly Garden and Glass but it was getting late so we decided we will just visit it next time.

It was indeed a short but nice day. I am hopeful to bring the rest of my family here so they can visit this place too. We will definitely visit more places here next time and hopefully the weather permits.






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