It is not easy to leave your newborn and go to work. Some parents have had separation anxiety. Parents become very attached to their babies because they rely on adults with everything, they are very dependent. Whether you will be gone just for few hours, the first time you will be away from your baby can be hard and very emotional.

I went back to work on my 9th week after giving birth. I didn’t have much PTO to do the full 12 weeks of FMLA. What my husband and I did was he took his FMLA leave few days before I go back to work. You know if only we have maternity leave like Australia where they have access to government-funded paid parental leave up to 18 weeks. Yes you read it right guys, 18 weeks! I wish we have the same system, do you agree?

Anyway, so the first day I went back to work was really emotional. I have this feeling of guilt and anxiety. I left a piece of shirt and told my husband if our baby cried, just put my shirt close to him so he would calm down (this truly works!). At work, my mind was preoccupied of what my baby was doing. On my break time, I called my husband to see how they are they doing. He told me just to focus on my work and he could totally take care of our baby. That time, 8 hours feels like a long time but I did it. I was unsure if my husband could take over but he amazingly did!

Moms and dads, it’ll be hard but you’ll make it. If you have a great babysitter at home or if your in-laws are going to take over while you are at work then that will somehow give you a piece of mind.

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  1. It was definitely hard going back to work, but I had 20 weeks paid leave, and I would say by that point I was ready. There is no way I’d have been ready at 9 weeks!! The US definitely has a lot wrong with its approach to parental leave 😡

    I’d say it gets easier, but I don’t think it really does. However, I am a much better mother for it and daycare provides her with amazing care and activities I would never think to do if I was a SAHM! That’s how I get through it ☺️


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