Yesterday I cooked beef steak (pinoy style) and because I love my mom’s recipe, I asked her recipe and told her I was craving for her beef steak. She makes really delicious beef steak and even my husband loves it.

I took out the beef flank in the freezer and defrost it. I just used half a pound then I sliced them really thin. I put them in a pan with soy sauce and lime. Since we don’t have calamansi here in the US, I usually buy the frozen calamansi juice or I use the kikkoman ponzu lime. I simmer it for 30 minutes but the beef was still chewy so I put some water and simmer it again for another hour. I tasted it but then it was too salty for me so I added a little bit of sugar. My mom puts fork or spoon in the pan when she’s trying to tenderize the meat. I don’t know the explanation of why such utensils helps for tenderizing meat but I still did it as well.


After an hour, the meat is now tender so I removed them in the pan. Then I add oil and saute the onions for a couple of minutes then I added the beef (yep, just the beef. I cooked it for another 5 minutes then I added the sauce. And voila! The beef steak is done.

It turned out pretty good but I don’t think it taste the same as my mom’s beef steak. I still like and prefer her version. I think if I use real calamansi, mine would taste the same as hers. Anyway, my husband still likes it so it’s a win for me!

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