If I suddenly crave for steam buns, this is the place to go. Their steams buns are really good and my favorite of them all is the fried chicken. It costs $11, 3 steam buns per order. The chicken is crunchy, the bun is so soft and the sauce they put on the buns are really good! That is definitely a winner! My son tried the peanut butter and jelly steam bun and he didn’t like it much. Also they have ramen, dry ramen and rice bowls. I tried their shrimp  ramen before which was okay. I wasn’t able to finish it because the bowl looked like it is good for 2 persons.lol I usually go for their rice menu which is pretty good.


Since I love seafood, take a guess what is my favorite dish here. Shrimp! Yep, my ultimate favorite here is the shrimp rice bowl ($12). It has rice, pickles, kimchi, veggies. I’m not really a fan of kimchi so I usually asked my husband to eat them. The shrimp is well cooked, veggies in the bowl are fresh and light. My husband most of the time would order the shrimp dashi or the pork bone dashi.


If you have your kids with you, don’t worry because they also have ramen and rice bowls for kids which they called “Bambino Bowl”. We always go to Boke Bowl East at 1028 SE Water Ave. between Yamhill & Taylor. They are open Monday to Sunday 11am – 9pm.

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