Pets and kids at home can be challenging at first. Also, as a parent, you have to make sure your baby is going to be safe around your pets at home. Safety should always comes first. That’s why sometimes it takes a little while for them to figure out each other.


We have two adult cats at home. Their name? Rufus and Oakey. Rufus was given by my husband’s sister and Oakey was adopted when he was still a kitten. The first time they saw my son, they were aloof, although Oakey was already like that but they seemed like they were trying to sense who was this tiny little guy invading their spots. We make sure of course that he’s not going to try to hurt him or anything.


As the day goes by, finally that cats and my son are a little close? Rufus can now sit or lay  on the couch with our toddler. Oakey is more of a shy cat so he sometimes run when my son would try to hold or touch him. When my son learned to walk, he would chase them – slowly. Now, he gets upset if Rufus would not play with him or hide from him. He also loves to play with their tails which is a big no-no. Our cats doesn’t like that and when I see my son trying to do that, I usually just let the cats go.


I can definitely say Rufus loves to sleep beside him. Oakey usually just watches from afar. He does his own thing. Sometimes, if he is in the mood, he’ll try to put his face on our feet and tries to snuggle. My son surely enjoys their company, not sure if our cats feels the same way It is fun to have pets at home.


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