They said that thought becomes things. So here I am thinking of what would be a dream vacation would be for me and for my entire family. When I say dream vacation, it’s just anywhere as long as my entire family are there with me. Right now, my siblings and I are thousand miles apart. My sister lives in Dubai, my brother is in the Philippines with my parents but he’ll probably go to France next year for his formation, and me here in the US.

I wanted to go home so bad on holidays – Christmas and New Year last year but we were unable to. Requesting those weeks off were just so impossible that’s why we ended up going last February. Anyways, the plan is for them to come visit me here next year. All of them has a US tourist visa already except for my brother. I’m crossing my fingers that my brother will be approved!

My dream vacation really for my family is for them so see and enjoy Disney World, but oh my geez, I don’t think my budget will cover for all of our expenses. If only I have the money, there will be no questions asked, I will buy the tickets right away but that is not the case. So now, I’m thinking of just bringing them to Disneyland since it’s much closer. It’ll still be expensive but not much compared to going to Disney World. Then probably go to San Diego and Vegas.

These are just plans but they are plans that I really want to happen. So saving money definitely starts now. This will be not just a dream… I really plan to make it happen before my brother goes to France.

Where is your dream vacation?

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