My family and close friends know how such cry baby I am. Like I will be in tears watching a sad movie (mostly based on true to life stories) or just even watching touching videos. If the scene I am watching really touches me right into my inner soul then yeah, you would see me holding a tissue with tears and runny nose. They said I got it from my mom. lol
Here are my top 5 movies that literally made me cry a bucket and they are all based on true stories:

Men of Honor – this is my favorite movie of all time. The first time I watched it, I was hooked and inspired. The story of a one legged officer who surpass the hardships with his undying motivation and dedication. I even memorized some of the lines as I watched this movies so many times already.

Remember the Titans – another great movie about how a team able to come together despite of their races. Back then, discrimination was really bad and this movie showed how they come together as one to win games and the heart of the community.

John Q – I have a soft spot for kids. This is one heart wrenching movie that I’ve seen. A story of a father who would do anything for his son for him to live. He did everything he could think of to make sure his son will have a new heart.

Hachiko – I didn’t know I would cry watching this movie starring a dog but yes I did. A dog waiting at the train station for his owner to come back and he did that until he died. What a loyal dog.

Only the Brave – This is the more recent movies out of my 5 top movies. Story of hotshots who died in the fire. I went to bed still crying and had to ask my husband to play a funny movie because I couldn’t get it out of my head.Watching the families lost their loved ones was tough.

Share the movies that made you cry a lot too.

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