Have you heard about nesting during pregnancy? Is it really a thing? Well, the answer is yes. Nesting is when you feel that urge that you want to clean and organize every corner of your house especially the nursery no matter what day or time it may be in preparation for your new baby.

If you’re not nesting, don’t feel bad. It does not mean that you are a bad mom. Not all women experience nesting though. I didn’t experience it but I have a friend who did really nest when she was pregnant.

According to American Pregnancy Association, if your baby is arriving late spring or into summer, you desire for nesting may be intensified. Nesting during pregnancy feelings might be triggered by:

  • Boredom and frustration from still being pregnant
  • Recognition that the baby’s care is going to take lots of your time and energy, and you want everything to be ready before the baby arrives
  • Excitement and anticipation of your new bundle of joy, and the desire to have everything just right

Also, it is possible to direct some nesting to your husband/partner. Your safety should always comes first, you are not suppose to lift heavy objects, do not climb on ladders, let your partner do it for you. Avoid using harm chemicals like bleach. Don’t forget to take rest in between and drink fluids -water is best. If you feel that you are being too consumed or becoming obsessive with cleaning  and organizing where it comes to a point that it gives you anxiety problems, notify your healthcare provider.


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