We went to fred meyer with our toddler to buy some veggies after lunch. He was doing great riding on the cart. My husband pushed the cart and our son sometimes cries shortly if he could not see me or if I just take few steps away from the cart. I let him hold some of the veggies so he gets distracted. Well, it worked just for a bit. Lol We were already in line at the cashier when he really started crying. I knew then that he was sleepy. Thank goodness the line was not long so I was telling our toddler that we are almost done.

The cashier lady (I was not able to ask her name) was very nice. She noticed that my son was crying so she gave him a kitkat. Well, that really helped because he stopped crying when he got the chocolate. When we were done my son waved and said bye. 😊

This kind gesture of a complete stranger really makes the world a better place. My husband and I really appreciated her act of kindness, simple yet very meaningful and powerful.

*featured image shows how sleepy he was and wouldn’t want to let go of his kitkat.*

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