Have you dreamed about eating donuts whole the entire day or week? Or go on a tour and all you visit are just donut shops? Well, if you really love donuts that much and you are just close to Ohio and if you haven’t been to the donut trail, well this is the perfect time to do that. the Butler County has a sweet trail and it is not a one day thing, you can finish the trail at your own pace.

You need to have a passport for this trail and you can download it online. Once you’ve visited all the donut shops with your passport, you will be rewarded. So keep the passports with you all the time. The donut shops are not open 7 days a week though so make sure you visit their site or call them. Also, some shops closes early, like around 10am as they sold out all their donuts already. So make sure you have a map and plan ahead.  Click here to learn more about their donut shops.

The donut trail is great for groups! So grab you donut buddies or families with you now and head to Butler County! This is a great way to bond and at the same time enjoy the sweetie goodness of donut in each bite.

On a side note though, I wish we have something like this in here in Portland.

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