One of the top beaches in the Philippines closed its doors to local and foreign tourist on April 26. The President decided its closure to save the beautiful island from ruins. Some vacation goers were upset as they already scheduled their trip before the closure and had to change their plans at the last minute but hey the decision was for a great cause.

You are probably as curious as I am as of what the island looks now. I was browsing photos on facebook and saw a stunning picture of the beach. It was far from the scene when we visited the island last February. Barely three weeks since its closure, here is the new look of Boracay.

new boracay 1
Photo by Philip Familara
new boracay
Photo by Philip Familara

Isn’t it pretty and inviting? It’s only few weeks after the rehabilitation and the island is definitely looking good. This is how it should and must be now and forever. I can’t wait to see it in person when they give the go signal for tourists to visit the island again. They said it’ll take 6 months of rehabilitation but I’m not sure exactly when they’re going to open it’s doors again.

new boracay 3.jpg
Photo by Philip Familara

The sunset is just breathtaking and gorgeous. You will really see it unlike before that when you try to take a picture of the sunset there were too many people on the background. This rehabilitation is definitely worth it. Visit Philip Familara for more stunning photos of Boracay.

Featured photo from Frieda Santiago by Cahilig Clark.

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