Hey guys! Just want to share with you that my toddler has spoken a new word. Yep, I am this happy because at his age he probably can say less than 10 words. Some of you probably already know that my son has a delay in speech and he is going to start seeing a speech therapist this month. So hearing him say new words is like just music in my ears.

One morning, he was just sitting on the couch beside me watching tv when out of the blue he started saying “nai” which he means “nine” and “tei” which is “ten”.  At first, I could not get what he was saying until he pointed out the numbers on the posters that I bought him from amazon which I posted on our wall. So every time I say those words, he would walk to that wall and will point to the numbers. He can’t point out yet which is which yet and we’re working on that too.

More updates coming soon after his speech therapy appointment.

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