It’s official, Tanner had his first appointment to the speech therapy clinic in downtown. First day went fine, it was the getting-to-know kind of day. He did okay and was fascinated when he saw that there was so many toys he can play with. He did behave really well too. The speech therapist asked him to sit on the special chair and he liked it. She was very nice and I would think that they have such a very long patience dealing with kids.

She also gave me a sheet of paper that talks about the difference between picky and problem eater. My son is just picky but I told her that I would be happy if they could also work on that aspect as well which she said yes.

I was sitting probably few feet away from them and I could tell that Tanner will benefit from this sessions. There are so many things that we need to work on and everything should always start at home right? So I am trying to get familiarized to the basic sign languages that I can teach to my son. For now, he just know the sign language for milk and more. This work is for my son and for us – his parents. The plan also is to add another session every week which I decided will be good for Tanner.

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