My heart was broken when I read about a 3 year old died of hyperthermia because he was left inside a car. Just sad and really maddening! How many times should we remind the parents or every adult to not leave their children inside a car?!

Don’t these adults even care for their children? I am really furious right now. Any excuses for leaving them are not acceptable. Your sane mind should be telling you that it is not right! Please DO NOT even think about leaving them in a car. They are human beings and not things that you can just leave whenever and wherever you want! Commonsense people. If you need to run some errands, ask your friend or family to watch over your kids for you. If you need to go to work and you cannot find someone to babysit then just call in or if your employer doesn’t mind bringing your kid to work then that’s great.

Sorry for my rant here. Just trying to vent my frustrations and my feeling of deep sadness about this. I just hate reading or watching news about this topic especially I am now also a parent. People who do this unacceptable thing should be in jail and definitely is not fit to be a parent or guardian.

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  1. I completely agree! I also hate when people make excuses such as “i forgot” or “well i don’t usually have my child with me” as if that makes anything better? I can tell you no matter how little sleep i got or how sick i was i have never been so absent minded to leave my child in a car.


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