It’s Tanner second day today at the speech therapy clinic. We arrived 10 minutes early of his scheduled time so he kept himself busy playing while we wait. The speech therapist came and introduced herself. She then went to Tanner and told him to go inside the room. This time, I have to wait outside and just let Tanner work with his speech therapist. I was worried at first that he would cry but surprisingly he did not. As long something is keeping him busy, he will not look for me, I

I could hear them a little from the reception area and it seemed like Tanner was enjoying. Then 40 minutes later, the speech therapist called me in to discuss what happened during the therapy. I went inside the room and found Tanner busy playing then he smiled when he saw me. So his speech therapist said, we need to work on imitation. He also needs to practice pointing and not grabbing or pulling if he wants something. She noticed him saying “uh oh” and “oh no” which we also heard him saying at home.

Also, we need to try early intervention. So I need to contact his physician to get a referral again.


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