Our family along with my husband’s cousins’ families went to see the Christmas Lighting ceremony at Leavenworth two years ago. We didn’t go last year because of prior commitments and our schedules does not meet halfway.

So I’d like to share with you how beautiful and amazing experience it was. First off, we really left Portland early as we know that traffic can be sometimes horrible even on the weekends and also so we can get good parking spots. It was a long 5 1/2 hour drive with bathroom breaks in between.

We arrived there around noon. As expected, finding a parking spot was difficult so it was really a bit of a challenge. We ate a quick lunch in the car as we bought some food on the way (we intended to eat dinner there). Our nephews were expecting a snowy Leavenworth but sky was clear and no snow forecast. However, we found snow an hour and a half from downtown Leavenworth (I forgot the name of the place). But yeah, it did snow there and the kids were very happy.


I wasn’t wearing a proper footwear so my feet were really ice cold. After a couple of hours we decided to head back to downtown and oh boy, if earlier finding a parking was already hard, that time it was horrible because the lighting ceremony was about to start soon.


The whole place was just surrounded with bright colorful lights. It was stunning. Of course, Mr. and Mrs. Claus were there too! It was indeed an amazing night of lights. On our way to our hotel in Seattle, it snowed.


For this year, the Christmas Lighting Festival will be on November 30, December 1-2, 7-9, 14-16. Click here for more information about the festival.

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