Have you try commuting with your toddler without a carrier or a stroller? Well, I do. Before, I was hesitant to do it because I was worried that he would just like to be carried all the time. But since riding the bus and the max with a stroller (even the lightweight one) can be difficult sometimes especially if it’s rush hour.

When I bring my toddler to his speech therapy or go to the grocery or get a haircut, we ride the bus or the max and we just leave the stroller at home. He’s been doing great so far. He would walk most of the time and he would like to be carried when he is really sleepy. He likes to hold my hands when we’re walking.

The downside of not bringing a stroller though is it can be very hard especially when you need to carry other things like a grocery bad and at the same time he wanted to be carried. It is tough but I managed. Mothers deserve a pat on the back every single day.

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