Sorry for the late post. This a short and quick update.

There is nothing much to add about his speech therapy sessions. They told me that he’s still struggling on doing imitations. I’ve been reinforcing this at home but sometimes, when he is not into it, he really would not want to do it. It’s kind of frustrating sometimes.

The improvement though is that he’s getting familiarized with the place and his speech therapists so it is now easy for him to go inside the room just by himself. At first, I needed to stand at the doorway, last week, I just sat there and watch him go inside with his speech therapist.

At home he’s doing a great job on pointing numbers, shapes and colors. I was surprised at first when I tried to ask him to point some shapes and he was able to do it. We haven’t really focus on shapes but he loves to watch shapes, colors and numbers on youtube. My dad is coming next week and I have another person who’s play with him and help us with his speech.


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