I grew up in a big, loud and happy family. My mom has 5 siblings, my dad has 6 siblings. I have 2 siblings. I told my husband before I want 3 kids but the reality here in the US, I don’t think we can afford to raise 3 kids here. So I said, okay let’s have 2. I don’t want my son growing up alone.

I could still remember the day we went to Oregon Zoo for trick or treats and I saw families with their kids. It was nice to see how happy they were, pushing 2 strollers but their kids were holding hands. Kids laughing and then all of a sudden, they’d cry and the other kid will just hug the crying one. For a parent, it’s comforting to see those moments.

I know it is hard and the craziness will be times two. Another baby means, another car seat, stroller, baby carrier, bed, chair. But the joy they bring in the house is indescribable and I wouldn’t trade it anything for the world. Right now, I was telling myself, one is already a handful and I think I am ready for another one. I stopped my birth control injections last year and hoping for another baby next year!

We are not getting any younger, time flies so fast and you know, some kids keep secrets from their parents but not to their siblings. I would really want my son to have somebody who he can confide with, do things together.

The more the merrier that is what they always say.

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