Short update here.

We’ve been seeing Tanner’s speech therapist twice a week and 2 different speech therapists. One of his speech therapists gave us an outline goal for Tanner. and the other lady gave us an outline of examples of practices that we can do at home to help my son’s speech.

The biggest thing that they are trying to teach him is pointing and imitating. The last therapy session, I heard him cry. I knew they were trying to make his choose the toy he wanted by pointing. At home, we’ve been practicing it too and he’ll get frustrated for the most part. I’d hole his hand and help him point. The thing is, he can point when we ask him to to show us where is circle or color red or the dog in the pictures. But he wouldn’t do it if it’s a matter of choosing.

So glad that his speech therapists are very nice and patient. 🙂



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