It’s summer and I wanted to buy something for my son to put in our backyard. I thought it’s kind of nice if he has his own picnic table. So I found a good deal on amazon and bought Step2 Sit and Play Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella.

We are a member of amazon prime so the package arrived after 2 days. The box is intact and light. The set up is very easy and there is an instruction sheet provided. I set it up in our backyard with my toddler running around. Anyway, it took me less than  10 minutes to set it up. It just snaps in, no tools needed! The umbrella though is okay, it’s not as large as I thought it would be.

The bench is good for 4 toddlers or a parent can sit on the other bench. It’s plastic but sturdy. He loves sitting here and playing with his toys while my dad and my husband do some yard work. He’ll just patiently stay there and sometimes mess with the umbrella. You will need an insert for the umbrella if you want it more stabilized.

It is perfect for summer and definitely you can you use it indoors too when the weather start to get chilly, just remove the umbrella and you’re set. It’s not taking too much space in the living room. I definitely recommend this kids’ picnic table. This is indeed a great buy!

Step2 Sit and Play Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella

buy from amazon


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