Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day

It’s that time of the year again for amazon prime members. Amazing great deals starting on July 16 3PM ET. It’s an epic day and a half of our best deals, promotions! If you are not a Prime member yet, this is the best time to sign up. Try Prime for the first time to get access to Prime Day deals.


While we wait for the Prime Day here are some good deals you want to catch before it ends:

Through Prime Day: new-to-Pantry customers get $10 off $40 Pantry order and free delivery!pantry-bounty-300x300_b

New for Prime Day this year, you will love the special limited time offer of $0.99 for 3-months of Kindle Unlimited for new subscribers (regularly $29.97)! XCM_CUTTLE_1124961_PD18_300x300_Kindle_Unlimited_CUTT_18eb82d0_798c-11e8-8051-2d41a49af183-png

For a limited time, parents can get a 3-month pre-paid plan at $2.99 (regularly $29.99).P13700324_primeday18_abp_1yr_320x320_Updated._CB474013859_

Take advantage of 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for only $0.99 (regularly $7.99 per month for Prime and $9.99 for non-Prime)!300x250_v2._CB474255293_

You will love getting 66% off a 3-month membership of Audible Gold ($30 savings!).A4-276_PrimeDay_Phase1_Associate_300x250_v3

Prime members get exclusive benefits on Twitch, the world’s leading social video service and community for gamers, video game culture and the creative arts. There will be a free daily video game starting today exclusive for Twitch Prime members!PD18_300x300_Associates._CB475740031_.png


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