Hello! It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been slightly busy and now I am back! Anyways, just want to share with you guys that MudBay FUTY Award Voting for 2018 is now up! And I’m glad to say that our good friends have been nominated by Animal Aid Inc. – Bob & Vikki Obuhanych.

Please click here to vote.

Their Bio:

“With nearly a decade of volunteer service for Animal Aid under their belts (and four Animal Aid kitties in their home), Bob and Vikki Obuhanych give their time and their hearts to our organization in multiple ways. Since 2009, Vikki has been a weekly caregiver at our shelter, donating her Monday afternoons to keeping our facility clean and our adoptable animals healthy and happy. Meanwhile, Bob gives his time to volunteering at our events to help raise awareness and funds for the animals in our care—most notably by serving as Santa during our annual holiday pet portraits and even staying in character to visit all of our shelter animals (with treats in hand, of course!). In addition to these roles, Bob & Vikki utilize their skills as talented gardeners to help our shelter, dedicating several months to growing hundreds of plant starts that they donate each year for our Mother’s Day Plant Sale, which has become one of our most popular annual Animal Aid events. Alongside their regular commitments, Bob and Vikki are always ready to help Animal Aid in any way they can. Every year, we can count on them to dedicate several days to shelter garage sale events, topping off the exhausting clean-up efforts by providing world-class gin and tonics for the survivors. Moreover, they actively seek out new opportunities for Animal Aid and are ready to pitch in to make those ideas a reality (instead of “YOU should do this,” their mantra is always “WE should do this”). The consistency and reliability they bring to their volunteer roles makes so many aspects of our organization run smoother, and those traits result from a heartfelt love for animals, a passionate advocacy for their welfare, and a deep-seated respect for their right to a contented life. The final bonus? Vikki’s subtly wicked sense of humor, leavened by Bob’s wry, mellow approach to the universe is a source of constant joy for all! We are so grateful for Bob & Vikki’s volunteer service and honored to nominate them for the 2018 FUTY Festival Volunteer of Excellence Award.”

~Animal Aid Inc.

Thank you!

The Futy Festival voting windows:

Seattle – 9am July 9th to midnight on July 29, 2018.
Portland – 9am July 30th to midnight on August 20, 2018.

One vote per person.


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