My son is going to speech therapy twice a week and sure it really is helping him. Last week I heard him say 2 new words, “now what”, “up” and “no”.  At first, I was not sure where did he hear the word “now what” then we were watching The Lorax for the second time and there it was, the kid said the word and so did Tanner.

When I heard the “up” word, we were at our backyard playing. Then all of a sudden he said “up” and he was standing in front of a short ladder. I was just so happy that he’s saying new words. He can say most of the number from 1 to 10 and letters. He can say “blue”, “white” and “star”.

He is also starting to use sign language for “help”, “all done” and “my turn” which by the way is what his speech therapy is teaching him and we’ve been practicing it also at home.

He is getting there, he is a smart little boy.

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