Well, I’m pretty sure that most of us doesn’t want summer to end. Summer is my favorite season. I don’t mind the heat (I grew up in a hot and humid country), kind of used to it. Savor the last few days of nice,  dry and warm weather.

My son loves to play outdoors so I’m sure he’ll miss playing outside once rain starts and when it starts getting cold. We can still go t the park during Fall but it’s not the same during summer time. Our backyard is getting some trims this week as we’re planning to have a family barbecue on the last week of the month, before school starts. Our kind of last hurrah this summer.

My son is growing up so fast that I need to buy him some fall/winter clothes again. Need to pick sizes 3T to 4T this time to give some allowance for next year! Kids’ clothes are not cheap. And of course me… in the next months, I’m not going to be able to see my arms and legs again as they will be covered with long, thick winter clothes.lol I don’t mind other people saying that I don’t dress up too good. Nah. As long as I’m warm and comfortable, I don’t give a darn.

So yeah, saying goodbye to summer and hello fall.


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