It’s been awhile since I posted an update on my son’s speech therapy progress. To be honest, I already lost track updating my son’s speech here on my blog. But the good news is, Tanner is getting there. His speech therapist told me on Monday that he did 80% on following directions and just need to practice more on joint attention plays.

Today, we were working on “cues” like ready, set go. He needs to be able to say the “go” part and he did! My heart jumped and I just hugged him so tight! Every new word he says is a milestone for us. He used to say “mama” and “daddy” before and all of a sudden he stopped saying it. The other days he keeps mumbling “mamamama” which is close to “mama”, I guess.

He is still going to speech therapy twice a week. I am glad that our insurance covers it (certain number authorized visits) and I only have to pay a copay. We will be seeing his pediatric development doctor again next month and we will know then if has autism or not.


    1. We’ve seen his Pedia development doctor 3 months ago and she said that there are some red flags like lack of pointing, he stopped saying mama and daddy but she couldn’t say yet at that time if he has autism bec some of the traits of a child that has autism, he doesn’t have. So we’re going back to see her this month for the final diagnosis.


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