Afternoon naps are essential to child’s growth as well as setting up a routine process of putting them to bed at the same time every night. Toddlers need to have 10 to 14 hours of sleep per day, including the afternoon nap/s. In this case, I am having a hard time setting this process with my  two and a half year old son.

They said that after 18 months, afternoon naps is reduced from two to one and it usually last about 1 to 3 hours, which I definitely agree 100%. Being a toddler, my son has so much energy that he wouldn’t take his afternoon nap until late evening (around 5 or 6pm) thus this put him to sleep late at night and makes it harder for a working mom like me who needs to wake up early to get ready for a 12 hour shift.

My ideal goal for my son’s sleep routine is he will take his nap around 1-2 pm and bedtime around 8-9pm. In this way, this working mama right here will have enough time to sleep. So I am off from work for 4 days and I kind of started to train him to take his nap and bedtime early. Yesterday he took his nap at 3:30pm (I know it’s still late but it is better than 5 or 6pm) and bedtime was 10pm. He then woke up around 8am this morning. A somehow good start but we will need to be consistent so he can adjust too.

We have some adjustments to do with his sleeping pattern but we will get there. Reading before bedtime doesn’t make him sleepy. We just need to find a good activity to burn his activity so he’ll just fall asleep on the time we prefer. Consistency is a must. Every parent has different approach with setting up a nap or bedtime routine and we just have to follow our own unique styles to be able to fulfill the sleeping routine we wanted for our kids.

Who also has this problem with their kids? Raise your hands. 😉

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