After our major trip early this year to the Philippines, my husband decided that he wants to pay a visit to his relatives in Hawaii and so there we went for almost a week.

The first day and the last day were probably the hardest. It only means one thing – plane ride with a toddler.


We flew via United Airlines to Hawaii with a short stopover to San Francisco. The flight didn’t quite go well. From PDX to SFO, he cried when we were about to land and I tried everything that could me him stop crying but it didn’t work. Since, we were sitting almost at the back of the plane, some of the flight attendants were trying to console him as well but with no luck.  Then from SFO to our destination – he was doing fine walking around the isle of the plane. I knew that he was getting really sleepy and then the seat belt light came on and he would just not sit on his chair. He was crying non-stop and was on the floor. At that time, I imagined the other passenger’s faces, maybe irritated or annoyed by my son’s crying. Few minutes later, once the seat belt light was off, I carried him and put him to sleep.


After the exhausting 6 hours flight we finally arrived! We went to pick up our rental car first. We were starving so we just went to McDonald’s which is close to the airport. Then we went Safeway and bought some items that we can eat for breakfast and of course, my son’s milk. Then we headed straight to the condo where we booked our stay – Island Colony.  The room is okay but the location of the condo is good since it’s only a walking distance to Waikiki. We just hope the AC is working right.


We were all tired so we all decided to take a nap. We woke up around 1800, ready for dinner. We just walked and decided to eat at PF Changs. The food and the ambiance were great. That whole stretch are all fancy and luxury brands which I could not afford. Lol We just walked around for another few minutes and went back to the condo.


This was our day 1… nothing too exciting.Lol


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