Aloha! Second day in Oahu and we were loving every second of it. First in our itinerary was to go to visit the Pearl Harbor. My husband was in the navy years ago and lived in Hawaii for a very short period of time but he told me he hasn’t been there before so we decided to check it out.IMG_6658.jpg

We woke up around 0700, my dad cooked some breakfast for us. The nice thing about doing air bnb or homeaway is that you can cook and you can do your laundry as well. So we got some eggs and spam (tocino) for breakfast. I didn’t know there is a tocino flavored spam and oh my, I love it.haha Anyways, we headed out around 0900. Traffic was not that bad going to Pearl Harbor, travel time was 35 minutes. Parking lot is big.

Important: They are implementing a very strict rule that no bags are allowed inside. They have lockers though that cost $5.00. They also do not allow animals. Visitors who need the assistance of a service animal may ask for a special permit.

The toddler bag that we brought was not allowed but they gave us a plastic bag to put my son’s snacks in. They do allow strollers inside.

We did not opt to buy the narrative tour. We just had the basic free tour where you’ll watch a short film which featured original pictures and videos of the Pearl Harbor. Then after that we had the boat tour which was really nice they have speakers on the boat which narrates the history of the place. When you’re there, you’ll really going to realize and be able to internalize the act of sacrifice and heroism of the soldiers who fought that day.


My husband and my dad went to see the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park. Adults cost $15.00 and Kids are $7.00. I decided to not go because my son was already sleepy. They told me it was pretty cool inside.We left the harbor a little after 3pm.

For late lunch, we decided to try the Fresh Catch restaurant. The parking lot is small but luckily we just waiter for a couple of minutes to find a parking. The inside is small and there was a short line to order. We ordered salmon and poke and they were all tasty and delish!


Then finally, the beach! We went to Ala Moana Beach Park. We forgot to bring a tent and it was freaking hot that it felt like we were being grilled under the son but thanks to sunscreen. My son was scared at first but then after few minutes he loved it and does not want to get out of the water. We were there for a couple of hours because we have to meet my husband’s family for picnic dinner.

That’s all for our second day on the island.


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