Our day 3 was not that fun. To start of, our rental car was towed and had to pay $200+. My husband didn’t noticed the sign so yeah, the next morning we found out the car was not there anymore. The original plan was to go to Sea Life Park but at the last minute I changed the itinerary for the day.

My husband wen to pick up the towed car and me, my toddler and my dad went to the zoo which is about 5 minutes from the condo. The zoo is not that big. It was okay. The Oregon zoo is definitely bigger than the Waikii zoo. But I think my son had a nice time there. He liked seeing the giraffe, zebras and the monkeys! We stayed there for about an hour then we went to DOLE Pineapple Plantation.


Travel time from Waikiki to DOLE is bout an hour and a half (without traffic). The place is okay. The gift shop definitely smells like pineapple. We rode the pineapple express train which was kind of nice. We also bought a ticket to the garden tour but we didn’t go there. They have combo tickets like Train & Maze ($16.75-adult), Train & Garden ($15.75-adult), Maze & Garden ($12.50-adult). After the train ride, we just bought some barbecue corn flavored and cold fresh coconut juice!


We went straight to the condo as my husband was not feeling great. And we just spent the rest of the day at the pool.


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