Day 4 was for Kualoa Ranch. I purchased our ticket for the movie site tour at a discounted price (which was around almost $5.00 off per ticket). I called 2 days before to schedule the tour and unfortunately for that day they didn’t have slots available in the morning so I picked the 12:15pm.

If you want to maximize your time at the Ranch, try to be there as early as you can. Some of the tours lasts for about 2 hours. They have the UTV, ATV, horseback riding, bicycle tours, jungle expedition, secret island beach activities. You can probably do 2-3 activities if your schedule your first tour early. Mind you, these activities are not cheap!

So our hollywood movie site tour was really fun. We rode an old school bus. You can pick your seats. Don’t expect an air conditioned school bus. Our driver/tour guide really has a great sense of humor so that was a plus for us. This was a 90 minute fun-filled tour. If you have more budget, you can go with the premier movie site tour for $120/person.

This was a very kid friendly tour. My son loved it. He liked seating by the window so he could see the outside very well. No tantrums before, during and after the tour. Make sure though to bring your water bottles because it is hot and humid. Also, bring some snacks for your little ones!

We ate our late lunch there and dropped by at the gift shop for some souvenirs. Stuff here are way cheaper than buying at Waikiki even compared to ABC stores.


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