This was technically the last day to tour Oahu. Today we went to Sea Life Park. The weather was gloomy, it rained for a little bit then the sun finally showed up in the afternoon.

I bought our tickets at a discounted price which was nice (save money as much as you can). I just have to present the proof of purchase and they gave us our passes. They open from 9:30 to 4:00pm. We arrived at 1100 and so we were able to see the sea lion show at 11:15.

My son loved watching the turtles swim. He tried to feed some fish but he got scared. Haha Then he went to see the bird sanctuary then he was off to see the penguins!

Then the most awaited dolphin show at 12:20! Those dolphins were very fun to watch. I enjoyed it and so was my son. The lagoon was almost full even on a weekday. So be there early if you want to get a better seat for a better view. They have dolphin feeding for a price (I forgot how much) after the dolphin show.

Then the rain started pouring like there was no tomorrow. So we hang out at the dining area for a while then went to the shark cave feeding. Then left around 2:30pm. We then went to Ramen Nakamura for late lunch.

Then we just hang out at the beach until sunset.

And to cap off the night, we had dinner at Duke’s Restaurant. It was such an amazing night on our last night in Oahu.

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