Since the day we found out that our son has Autism, we’ve been trying to get into services that will help him. So today, two persons from early intervention came and did their assessment if my son qualifies for early intervention  (0-2 years) and early childhood special education (3-5 years). They did both because my son will turn 3 in 4 months.

The visit went well. My son participated or interacted with some of the activities that they prepared for their assessment. The assessment took about 1.5 hours and at the end they laid out my son’s areas of weakness and the number 1 thing that he needs help with is definitely communication. Although my son is talking more and can say about 100 words, he sometimes does not understands or gets what they wanted him to do or what they were asking him, i.e they ask my son to point the kid who is playing or the kid who is napping – my son does not know or understand these yet. He kept asking for the assessor’s toy shapes even if the other assessor was trying to work with him.

My son qualifies in both early interventions. They told me that their approach is different compared to ABA therapy. Early intervention is more on developmental approach. They will come to our hour and their services are free. Free services are so nice since my son is already going to speech therapy and then the upcoming ABA therapy which we need to pay a copay (not sure how much yet).

So yeah, this is my son’s or rather I’d say… my family’s journey. 🙂

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